Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Are you Married or Happy?

I recently got married, on June 13th, 2015, to a wonderful man named David. I love being a Mrs! Even though we are still new at this, marriage has been fun so far! I have felt so peaceful and stress free during this first month. It was a relief to not be planning a wedding anymore! That stuff is no joke. I tried my best to enjoy the process, and made a point to stop and treasure different moments along the way. I prayed a lot during that time of preparation for God to allow me to be gracious in all the dealings, and not get caught up in the details.

The wedding was beautiful, and things came together the way they were meant to. We kept things under budget to make sure that the most important things were taken care of without breaking the bank. Many family and friends pitched in with their cooking or decorating skills, and were so helpful in making the day a success! Our pastor got sick the day before and we weren't sure if he would be up to officiating the ceremony, so we had my uncle prepared to be a stand in, just in case. Thankfully, our pastor was still able to officiate and did a wonderful job.

We decided to honeymoon in the Gatlinburg, TN area and it was the perfect choice. We both love the mountains and it was nice to get away and focus on being together. We had saved our first kiss for our wedding day, and choosing abstinence before marriage is an important part of our story. We were so happy to finally be married and be able to kiss whenever we want! Being married is awesome! It was so worth it to both of us, and we wouldn't change that. After dating 4 years, it is so good to be able to fully express our love for each other, the way God intended it, between a man and woman in a marriage covenant.

During our time in Gatlinburg, we walked down the main street downtown, and passed a man selling tickets. He said, "Are you two married or happy?" and we laughed as we kept walking. When we walked back, he asked again and we realized it was his opening line to start a conversation with potential customers. This time David said, "Both!"

Everyone likes to give advice. I think we have heard enough marriage advice to last a lifetime. Most of it unsolicited from strangers who find out someone's getting married, and they give WAY too much information about their personal life. We have gotten healthy spiritual advice from several couples that we look up to. One card we received encouraged us to read the bible and pray together, to build a strong spiritual foundation for our marriage. We have already begun to do that, and it does make a difference. We are thankful for the good advice we have received. The rest, we will take with a grain of salt.

Another thing I learned through this process, is that weddings bring out the best and worst in people. I was determined not to become bridezilla. Wedding planning was fun and sometimes overwhelming. I had a few breakdowns, but they weren't really about wedding details. I was surprised by the friends and family, and even a few acquaintances who were so kind and went above and beyond in helping to make the wedding come together. There were people who came early, stayed late, asked how they could help and allowed us to borrow things so we wouldn't have to buy or rent them. You never know what a small gesture of kindness can mean to someone.

We registered at Walmart, Target and Amazon. I was surprised at how many people shopped from our Target gift registry. Almost everyone went to Target. I put way more items on the Walmart registry thinking that would be many people's first choice, and ended up having one or two items from that one. After the honeymoon, we went shopping with our Target gift cards and stocked up on some supplies for the house and some camping gear!

I've written a lot of thank you cards. Like a boss. That was a huge priority to me, and I stocked up on thank you cards and stamps ahead of time, and wrote cards for both showers and sent them before the wedding. I kept some more on hand for gifts at the wedding and items we are still receiving in person or in the mail. We have been extremely blessed by all the lovely cards, gifts and well wishes we have received from family and friends. We are very thankful for their support and encouragement. It helps to know that so many people have our back and are cheering us on as we adventure into marriage!

Getting settled at home these last few weeks has been nice. I love our house, and David has been gracious to make room for me and my stuff, invading his space. We've adjusted well to living together and he is such a sweetheart. Bless him, I got the good end of this deal! He spoils me, and treats me so well. I guess it gets harder from here, but we are committed to getting through the good days and bad days together, and to raise a family with Godly principles in this chaotic world.