Saturday, February 27, 2016

Finding Balance

I've had a lot on my mind lately, and the best way I've learned to organize my thoughts is to write them down. Sometimes that comes in the form of a song, and I can express that entire thought or feeling into a 3 minute song. Other times I make lists, of ideas and plans. And then sometimes, I ramble. ;)

A friend encouraged me the other day to blog. My response was "I do!", but she explained that she would like for me to expand on my perspective of young married life, living out in the country, baking, crafting and handling my singing career. She also said, "I wish I had it all together like you do." I assured her that I don't think any of us ever have it all together, and if we think we do then we're setting ourselves up for disappointment.

I'm just as guilty of comparing the simple and mundane parts of my day to the glamorous filtered view of someone else's Instagram feed. Those people inspire me and I love getting new ideas, but it should never be a game of who has it all together and whose life is an epic fail. I try to post about things that matter to me, and use social media to encourage others in their lives as well. Positivity and kindness goes a long way. I try to remember to ask myself why I'm posting it and have a good reason for what I choose to share. Once it's on the internet, it's out there. 

I've been trying to find balance between dreaming big, working hard, staying busy, and taking time to breathe and have flexibility. I believe there should be less pressure and stress from myself to always be doing something. There should be times for rest, and designated times to just chill, and to have an open mind to change. As a list maker, I cringe when I have to mark something out or white-out, but that is part of life, and change comes with the territory. I love being spontaneous within structure!

I've started something new this year. In January I got a new monthly calendar and switched things over from my weekly calendar. That has helped to see a month at a time, and be able to look at my whole year in perspective. I wanted to make sure to plan ahead and block off time to prepare and promoting the things coming up. So that has been helping me get ahead and constantly have a work in progress.

Since getting married back in June 2015, it's been fun getting into the new routine of married life. I want to make sure to have plenty of time with my husband, and thankfully he is very supportive of my music. I am still busy traveling and singing, and love getting to do something I love. I'm so grateful for my family and friends who help keep me on track and bring me back down to earth if needed. ;)

God has been teaching me new things and showing me more of himself since going through a study on the Holy Spirit, called "Remembering the Forgotten God" by Francis Chan. At the same time I just went through "Restless" by Jennie Allen, and I feel like they both came at a good time for me. I need to be reminded daily to listen to the Lord, and let His guidance define where I go, what I do, what I say, and who I am.

Currently I am booking music gigs for 2016 and writing songs for an album of Lullabies to be released later this year. I'm also in the process of expanding my Etsy store and learning new crafting skills.

More blogs coming soon!! 
What would you like to know about? What kind of topics are you interested in? Also, what things have helped you find balance in your life? 
Let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading!

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