Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Barista By Day, Rockstar By Night

My End Booth Office (borrowed from Mat)
I love playing music. I really enjoy seeing people respond when they hear my songs. Since graduating in 2010, I have been playing music full time. I would often have 4 or 5 shows a week. In 2011 I played 176 shows.

I released my first radio ready album, "Beloved" in November 2011. That was a huge project that we put a lot of time and effort into.  After that project was finished, I wasn't sure what was next for me.

I decided to get a day job, that would leave my nights and weekends free to continue playing music. I applied to Lasaters Coffee in Sango, and in a few days, got a call from them. They hired me on the spot after the interview, and I've been working here four weeks now.

Early mornings have made me determined to go to sleep earlier. I've been accustomed to staying up late playing shows and sleeping in. But I haven't missed an alarm or been late to work. It's been a nice change and I really enjoy it.

I've already clocked out for the day, and I'm catching up on some music promotion in the back booth. Someone called this my Clark Kent job, being a barista by day and rockstar by night. I've had a "phone booth transformation" from the professional black uniform to my jeans and plaid. As you can see in the picture, I'm enjoying a turkey and swiss panini for lunch. My Bible's open to Ephesians 5, the passage we will be studying in the Gathering service tonight, where I will be leading worship. I'm praying that God will prepare my heart to lead by reflecting His heart.

This is a glimpse into a part of my life that you might not see or know about otherwise. I want to be transparent and share what my life is like. I appreciate all the support from my family, friends, and fans who care about me and follow my updates. Your encouragement means so much to me. You remind me that all the hard work is worth it. God bless you!

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