Thursday, May 3, 2012

Something Amazing I Guess...

My favorite part from The Incredibles movie, is when Bob says, "What are you waiting for?"

The little boy on the tricycle answers, "I don't know. Something amazing, I guess."

Then later on in the movie he gets wide eyed in amazement, and yells, "That was totally wicked!"

Sometimes I feel like that kid.

When I take a step back from a situation, and stop trying to make things happen the way I want. I choose to trust God and watch what He does. It makes me feel like a little kid, still using my training wheels, and watching God do super natural things all around me.

God likes when we get excited about Him, and when we give Him credit for the incredible things that He does. I think He enjoys our wide eyed amazement when something extraordinary happens. When things are out of my control, I can see Him orchestrating a better plan than I would ever have thought up.

I feel like standing up on my pedals, leaning forward above my handle bars, and saying, "God, that was totally awesome!"

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