Tuesday, August 28, 2012

What I Love (And Don't Love) About Fall

God has brought me through ups and downs and blessed me much more than I deserve.
It's amazing how...

He knows every detail of every sunset, every sunrise, and every season.
& He knows my every action, every word, and every thought.

There are things that I love about every season, but I think fall is my absolute favorite!
There is beauty in change.
Here are some of my favorite things about the fall!


Leaves changing colors and trees bursting into blended hues of orange, yellow, red, and brown. A scenic drive, especially during a sunset, takes my breath away.

I absolutely love LAYERING. I wish I could rock this look all year long. I feel like there is a bohemian style inside me, trying to express itself. I probably have more fashion mistakes than successes, but this is the goal of my fashion efforts. Love the peasant style shirts, neutral colors, scarf, and boots.

My favorite accessory by far. Scarves give extra warmth and provide a nice accent for layered outfits. I'm learning new ways to wear them, and trying to keep myself from adding too many to the collection.
Fall is the perfect time for a hot latte, my favorite being a caramel mocha with whipped cream. I will drink hot espresso drinks in the middle of summer, and I love them all year long. Fall just seems like an appropriate time to always have one in hand. Any excuse will do! ;)

Now, the one thing that I dread about fall are those eight-legged critters...
I hate spiders. I apologize if you cringed or suddenly are paranoid of things crawling on you. For about a week straight, I found a spider a day crawling on my jeans, across my foot, or touching my hand. Today, I faced one and cornered him with a shoe. Spiders are the thing I could probably do without.

Other than that, I say bring on the fall! I'm so ready!
What are your favorite things about this season?


  1. My favorite thing about fall is totally the changing of the leaves. taking long drives through the country looking at all the trees with there many colors.

  2. Rolling the windows down and feeling the cool breeze as I drive down the country roads. I love dress up time for Halloween, the food knocking on my door for thanksgiving. I love the slowing down of life because everyone is gearing for the cold. Small walks along the river in McGregor park. I LOVE FALL!!!