Friday, March 28, 2014

Supporting / Partnering with Missions

There are many organizations and ministries to choose from to make an impact for good in the world. I wanted to share about my experience giving and some of the people that I support. A little effort can make a big difference. A few people united for one cause can change the course of history.

I'm a 22 year old full time musician, and I believe that I should give to people who are doing Kingdom work. God has provided for my needs through people who are willing to partner with me and who believe in my ministry. I believe that giving is a revolving door of sharing what God has given each of us. If I can do something like this, anyone can! We all can make a difference.

I've been so blessed by supporting several missionaries. I love hearing their stories of building relationships, sharing the gospel, and going wherever the Lord calls them. I know them each personally and I have seen their dedication to their faith. Most of them have been interviewed on my radio show to share their testimony with my listeners. I also support a 10 year old boy named Jason through Compassion. I have not regretted it! It's important to know what you're giving to. Let me share with you about people that I support, to inspire you and give you some examples of how you can give:

Jason, a child from Nicaragua sponsored through Compassion International
Sponsor a child here:

Lydia Grider, Every Nation, Youth Leader at Bethel Community Church
Go to, select "give to individual" and find Lydia's name

Heather Theilacker, Every Nation, Ministry to Students at Austin Peay
Go to, select "give to individual" and find Heather's name

Gregory Hayes, Long term mission trip to Africa through Operation Mobilization
Type in Greg's name to sponsor him: 

Maggie Norfleet, Missionary to Central Asia
Partner with Maggie - Enter code 44073 at

Gathering In Oz - Missionaries to Australia
Donate to the Chapmans:
Donate to the Tarrants:

Those are a few examples of ways to give towards building the Kingdom of God. Each person has a story and a specific calling. I'd like to give you an opportunity to have the blessing of giving to any of these missionaries, and also to share an opportunity to partner with me this year.

In 2014, I have the opportunity to go on several trips. The first is a mission trip with Community Life Church to Puerto Rico in June. We will be prayer walking in the areas where other groups will be leading Vacation Bible Schools during the following weeks. Some of us are musicians and will be singing and playing worship music in the different areas, and promoting the Bible Schools.  The cost of the trip is $300, with the rest being covered by the church. If you would like to partner with me and sponsor part of the cost of the trip, please send me a message.  I believe this is a great opportunity and I'm thankful for the chance to go. UPDATE! The trip has been completely paid for! PTL! Please be in prayer for us as we prepare. We will be in Puerto Rico June 11-16.

In October, I have the chance to go to the Hillsong Worship Conference in New York City ( I was sent last year and absolutely loved it. I got to spend time with friends there who are leaders in Gallery Church, and had great conversations with several people that attended the conference.  As a worship leader, I was refreshed by participating and learning from such great leaders. It was a breakthrough moment for me spiritually and I still am inspired by what I experienced there. As my friends and I are preparing for the trip, I've created a cost breakdown to estimate my expenses:

Registration - $179
Airfare - $250
Hotel - $200
Meals - $150

Total Budget: $779

If you feel led to give towards my trip, please send me an email at
If you choose to partner with me, I will give you updates on my trip and bring you a souvenir from New York! Thank you for your love and support! I'm excited about how God has provided for each opportunity so far, and I'm grateful for this season in my life to be able to go. God is good, and He gets all of the glory!

Here's a video of me singing in Central Park for a busker (street performer) named Bert.

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  1. You are such a beautiful person, inside and out! You give so much of your time and money and you love with your whole heart! You are so thoughtful, and are the best gift giver because you are fully focused on the happiness of the recipient. I want to be like you when I grow up. ;)