Wednesday, December 23, 2015

How's Married Life? At 6 Months.

At our 5 month anniversary, we shared some sparkling 
white grape juice like we had at our wedding.

D i s c l a i m e r  :   S a p p y   P o s t !

We just celebrated 6 months of being married on December 13th. I get the question daily, "How's Married Life?", and my short answer is that is is awesome and we love it! There is so much I could brag on my husband for, and thought I'd type out my perspective from being six months into marriage.

David and I have talked about what we like most about being married. Of course, since we didn't kiss until our wedding, one of our favorite things is that we can kiss whenever we want! David says what he likes most is not having to say goodbye, and that we can be together every night and wake up together every morning. (I told you this post would be sappy!) We love each other so much, and it has been the best six months of our lives.

I've gotten more sleep since we got married, because I've adjusted to David's schedule. I used to be up till midnight every night researching music stuff on the computer and organizing bridal boards on Pinterest. Ha! These days, bedtime looks more like 9:00 PM. I have found that I'm more productive when I get enough sleep, and start the day early. 

Marriage has made me more domestic, for sure. I've taken up baking, as you can tell from my Instagram posts these days. My Mimi gave me some of her starter for sourdough bread, and I have made a batch about once a month since we've been married. David loves it, especially fresh out of the oven. It makes our whole house smell amazing!


We are so blessed to have awesome neighbors. My neighbor Myrna has become my buddy, and she has been sharing recipes and tips with me. I've made a few batches of her banana bread recipe that have been absolutely delicious. We like to swap homemade goodies, and it has been fun to learn from someone with more experience. I'm thankful to have several neighbors we know and are good friends with.

We've hosted some parties and had friends over, and that's something we really enjoy. Some of our friends with kids will come over, and David will bring out his big box of Legos, and they get wide-eyed with excitement. They love building things with "Mr. David". He is so good with kids, and we enjoy getting to know friends over a home cooked meal, and doing life together.

David's an avid deer hunter, and has gotten several does this year, but has been waiting for and wanting a big buck. The other day he got a 10 point buck, and was so excited! We're thankful to have meat in the freezer, and we eat it often in spaghetti sauce and tacos. The antlers of his buck are proudly mounted on the garage!

A few months ago I started an Etsy Store online, called "Home Sweet Athey". I'm selling some things that David has made, or I've repurposed, and some vintage items. I made some Peppermint Hot Cocoa in a Jar that's been flying off the shelves as people have been shopping for Christmas gifts. I'm hoping to expand our store in 2016. I enjoy the process and it's fun!

I love keeping house, and have tried to make a routine of cleaning a little as I go, in between traveling to sing and the commitments we have. I just wrapped up my annual Christmas tour, and it was a festive, caroling whirlwind, but it was a blast! I'm thankful for some rest during Christmas and New Years, to prepare for 2016. We will be spending Christmas with family in TN and Michigan, and looking forward to some quality time together. This past year has been amazing, and I can't wait to see what God has for us in the coming years.

Marriage is wonderful. I highly recommend it, when it's the right person. It's been a smooth transition, and feels like it's the way it's supposed to be. I am so glad we waited for each other, and that I found someone who loves me well, and loves the Lord. I'm pretty sure I got the best end of the deal. ;)

The next question of society is to ask when we're having babies! We get that one a lot. It's really nobody's business, but we're pretty open about wanting to have kids, and it will happen when the time comes. There are no announcements to be made at this point, but it will probably happen sooner than later!

So with that, we hope you have a wonderful and peaceful Christmas, and a Happy New Year!

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